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We provide fully licensed drone filming hire services to a wide range of clients. Our aerial drones can capture information that would simply not be possible using any other method. Call us today to see how this innovative technology can help your business grow.


Photos / Videos

 If you are looking to showcase your beautiful property or special event you have come to the right place. Without a doubt, high quality photos and videos will attract serious clients and lead to higher sales. We are in business to do just that. Our services are competitively priced exterior photos for your convenience. Rest assured knowing you have the best quality at the best price.  


Construction Progress / Inspections

 Why show up to the job site when you can get progress updates delivered to your inbox? By harnessing the technology of unmanned aerial vehicles, more commonly referred to as drones, we are able to provide progress photos and videos, which can be used for construction management, advertisement purposes, investor updates, and the visualization of potential safety hazards. 


Veteran Owned

FAA Certified Remote Pilot

FAA Certified Remote Pilot

Proud to have served in the US Army during the Cold War. IVTLLC is solely owned, operated and controlled by this veteran.


FAA Certified Remote Pilot

FAA Certified Remote Pilot

FAA Certified Remote Pilot

 FAA Certified Remote Pilot (Part 107) and capable of requesting required FAA waivers to fly your project, even if it's in controlled airspace. 


Fully Insured

FAA Certified Remote Pilot

Fully Insured

Innovative Vertical Technology, LLC is also insured for $1,000,000 liability.

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